Google Chrome: Winter/Spring 2011 Lineup Girls

3 words: IT’S LOLI TIME!

Now here’s something most of us like, a screen filled with teenage flat-chested little girls! Right? right? :3

A few notes on this one:

  • The view I used on the screenshot is sort of zoomed out, and I liked how I did this. I will not accept revision requests.
  • Menma is flat. Madoka is flat. Victorique is flat. Nessa is flat, though I’m not really sure cuz I never watched Fractale.

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5 responses to “Google Chrome: Winter/Spring 2011 Lineup Girls

  1. Ah, this version is better than the previous K-on one. That’s what I kind of wanted. Better spacing between each character. ^_^

    Dammit, you’re really making me want to go back using Chrome! O_O

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