Rainmeter Feature: CLN by ~toastbrotpascal

Since this post aims to feature a rainmeter from an outside source, that means that TheBlackListProject doesn’t own this.

So I was looking for naisu rainmeter skins yesterday and I happened to bump in on this really cool skin that works on most music players.

According to toastbrotpascal’s page, the skin supports the following players:

-Last.fm Client
-Media Player Classic

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Rocketdock: Love is War (supercell ft. Hatsune Miku) Megaphones Icon Set

Original image by ~MrPTFMoose which can be found here.

The idea sprung after I realized that I got tired of anime icons and when it finally occurred to me that I’ve been using a Love is War wallpaper for more than a week now. I did a bit of photoshop to produce different colored versions of the original megaphone image so that the colors would correspond to a specific vocaloid/s (yellow being Rin and Len’s).

I hope you guys like! Enjoy! :)

PS: For those people who are kinda unfamiliar with Love is War, check out the video below.

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Current Desktop: Chihaya Kisaragi

Original Picture is from zerochan

Need help making your desktop look good? I’m probably not much help…

Hey, It’s been a while and I totally love my current desktop :D. I know it isn’t May yet, but I thought I would post this anyways cuz I couldn’t decide which desktop looks better. I think my desktop turned out a lot better than I thought it would.

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