About Rainmeter (from rainmeter.net):

What is Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is a desktop customization platform. Through Rainmeter, you can enhance your Windows computer at home or work with skins: handy, compact applets which float freely on your desktop, much like Windows Sidebar gagdgets, or dashboard widgets for the Mac.Rainmeter skins provide you with useful information at a glance. It’s easy to keep an eye on your system resources, like memory and battery power, or your online data streams, including email, RSS feeds, and weather forecasts. Many skins are even functional: they can record your notes and to-do lists, launch your favorite applications, and send your tweets to Twitter – all in a clean, unobtrusive interface that you can rearrange and customize to your liking.

Your Desktop is yours.

With Rainmeter, there are no secrets. Our bundled library of open-source skins covers a wide range of functions, but if you want your desktop to do something new, you don’t have to wait for us. Every inch of a skin is completely customizable. Rainmeter skins are written in a simple, elegant language that’s easy to learn for anyone who’s willing to put in the effort. Skins call upon measures, a set of powerful built-in modules that do all the heavy lifting, and create interactive meters to display that information however you decide. In this way, Rainmeter brings productive innovation together with creative artistry like no other platform of its kind. Rainmeter is built by people like you. In the span of just a few months, a thriving community has built up around Rainmeter, as average users freely contribute their own original skins, their generous knowledge and support, and their inspirational ideas to a project whose scope and capabilities are constantly expanding. We can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Will you join us?

Download Rainmeter here.

Importing Skins (by kazasou)

To use the skins that are posted in this blog, firstly you have to extract the RAR file that you have downloaded from my blog (Just right click on the RAR file and choose “Extract Here”).

If you don’t know how to extract RAR file or you don’t have the application to extract RAR file just download one of these programs: peazip winrar 7zip

Now, you have to copy the extracted folder to your Rainmeter skin archive. If you use the default installation, it will be located in C:Program FilesRainmeterSkins or if you are using Rainmeter version 1.0 or above, the default installation will be on My DocumentsRainmeterSkin. Otherwise, right click the Rainmeter program in the Start Menu and choose Properties->Open File Location. If you have found your Rainmeter skin archive, copy the extracted folder to the skin archive and your skin is now ready to be used. To use the skin, right click again on the Rainmeter logo, click “Refresh”, and then right click again on the Rainmeter logo one more time, and highlight “Config”. The new skin that you’ve extracted is now available to be used. Enjoy!


So Xcyz has joined the Rainmeter Skinning community just recently. I am currently studying this stuff to provide people with skins too. However, for the mean time, I will modify/purge other people’s rainmeter skins, and use them as basis for my work, soooooo that means, that my works are just modified works of other people, and clearly, not mine. I will credit those people who I will base my skins from. Thank you.

Update Log:

August 15, 2010: Added Final Fantasy VII – Cloud and Sephiroth Rainmeter

August 30, 2010: Added Akiyama Mio Nendoroid (K-ON!!) Calendar

August 30, 2010: Added Just Be Friends – Megurine Luka (Vocaloid) Calendar

September 6, 2010: Added TheBlackListProject Bandaged Girl Rainmeter

September 8, 2010: Added Takashi Komuro (HOTD) Rainmeter

September 9, 2010: Added Misaki Ayuzawa (Kaichou wa Maid-sama) Rainmeter

September 12, 2010: Added Just Be Friends Character Photo Frame

September 14, 2010: Added Just Be Friends Megurine Luka Rainmeter

September 18, 2010: Added Saeko Busujima Rainmeter

September 19, 2010: Added Rei Miyamoto and Saya Takagi Rainmeter

September 19, 2010: Added Heiwajima Shizuo Rainmeter

September 19, 2010: Added: Orihara Izaya Rainmeter

September 21, 2010: Added: Orihara Izaya Clock

September 22, 2010: Added: Sonohara Anri Rainmeter

September 22, 2010: Added: Celty Sturluson Rainmeter

September 24, 2010: Added: Haruna Ono Rainmeter

October 2, 2010: Added: White Rock Strength Rainmeter

October 2, 2010: Added Miss Maid Sniper Picture Frame

October 3, 2010: Added:  Dead Master Rainmeter

October 3, 2010: Added: Black Gold Saw Rainmeter

October 4, 2010: Added: Yuzuru Otonashi Rainmeter

October 5, 2010: Added: SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase Skin

October 6, 2010: Added: Hatsune Miku Rainmeter

October 8. 2010: Added: Shiina (Angel Beats) Rainmeter

October 14 2010: Added: Gundam 00 Rainmter

October 17, 2010: Added: Misaka Mikoto Sister Rainmeter

October 17, 2010: Added: Tsukasa Ayatsuji (Amagami SS) Clock

October 21, 2010: Added: Black Star (Soul Eater) Rainmeter

October 21, 2010: Added: Maka Albarn (Soul Eater) Rainmeter

October 25, 2010: Added: Kagamine Rin and Len Area Rainmeter

October 26, 2010: Added: Houkago Tea Time Area Rainmeter

November 2, 2010: Added: K-ON!! Animated Skin

November 5, 2010: Added: Akiyama Mio (NO, THANK YOU!!) Skin

November 5, 2010: Added: Hirasawa Yui Rainmeter Skin

November 5, 2010: Added: Tainaka Ritsu (Listen!!) Skin

November 5, 2010: Added: Heiwajima Shizuo Rainmter Skin 2

November 5, 2010: Added: Heiwajima Shizuo Rainmeter Skin 3 (Psychedelic Dreams)

November 9, 2010: Added: VALSHE Rainmeter

November 15, 2010: Added: K-ON!! Houkago Tea Time Gekichuka Shu Rainmeter

November 16, 2010: Added: Kousaka Kirino Rainmeter

November 16, 2010: Added: Kuroneko (Ruri Gokou) Rainmeter

November 16, 2010: Added: Tamura Manami Rainmeter

November 17, 2010: Added: Akiyama Mio No, THANK YOU! 2 Rainmeter

November 24, 2010: Added: Orihara Izaya X Kida Masaomi Clock

November 24, 2010: Added: Kida Masaomi Rainmeter

November 24, 2010: Added: Heiwajima Shizuo X Orihara Izaya ~Just Be Friends~ Picture Frame

November 30, 2010: Added: Heiwajima Shizuo 4 Rainmeter

December 1, 2010: Added: Hitagi Senjougahara Rainmeter

December 1, 2010: Added: Sengoku Nedeko Rainmeter

December 3, 2010: Added: Houkago Tea Time Pure Pure Heart Rainmeter

December 3, 2010: Added: Kousaka Siblings Rainmeter

December 7, 2010: Added: Ika Musume Rainmeter

June 3, 2011: Akira couldn’t stand the mess anymore and decided to sort out the Rainmeters alphabetically. (What have I gotten myself into? Dx)



78 Note


A-Channel - Run

Aisaga Taiga


Aragaki Ayase

Ao no Exorcist - Okumura Rin

Ayanami Rei


Baby Tsuna

Bandaged Girl – TheBlackListProject

Black Gold Saw

Black★Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter Calendar

Black Rock Shooter 2

Black Rock Shooter 3

Black★RockShooter Notes + Player

Busujima Saeko


Celty Calender

Celty Sturluson

Celty and Shizuo Player + Calendar

Chibi Psyche Izaya

Cloud and Sephiroth 

Compa (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Conan Calender

Cosmic Break - Crimrose Note

Cosmic Break – Ivis

Cosmic Break – Jikun Hu and Jikun Long

Cosmic Break – Lily Rain 2

Cosmic Break - Lily Rain Calendar

Cosmic Break – Ouka

Cosmic Break - Zero Saber Girl Calendar + Player


Dead Master

Dead Master Calendar

Dead Master 2

Death the Kidd

Death the Kidd 2

Detective Conan Note

DRRR!! - Aoba and Mikado

DRRR!! - Izaya Orihara Clock + Player

DRRR!! – Dollars! Shizaya Clock

DRRR!! – Heiwajima Shizuo

DRRR!! – Heiwajima Shizuo 2

DRRR!! – Heiwajima Shizuo 4

DRRR!! – Heiwajima Shizuo X Orihara Izaya Just Be Friends (Parody) Picture Frame

DRRR!! – Heiwajima Shizuo Psydelic Dreams

DRRR!! – Orihara Izaya

DRRR!! – Orihara Izaya Clock

DRRR!! – Orihara Siblings

DRRR!! - Shizaya 2


Eucliwood Hellscythe

Edogawa Conan


Fate/Stay Night - Saber


Gasai Yuno

Gintoki Sakata

Girls Dead Monster Calender

Gundam 00


Hakuouki Zuizouroku SSL Gakuen Clock + Player

Hanekawa Tsubasa

Haruna On0  - Scandal

Hacua Du Lot Herminium Calendar

Hell Kitchen Notes

Hetalia - Japan Clock + Calendar

Hidan no Aria - Reki


Ika Musume

Ikari Shinji



 Jejung (JYJ) Calender

Just Be Friends Male Character Photo Frame


Kagamine Rin And Len Area

Kagamine Len

Kagamine Len + iTunes plugin

Kagamine Notes

Kagamine Twins - Neko Rin and Len

Kagamine Twins Calender

Kagamine Twins Music Player


Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Giotto Vongola Player

Kirino Note

K-ON!! - Akiyama Mio C79 Calendar

K-ON!! - Akiyama Mio C79

K-ON!! - Akiyama Mio in Maid-fuku

K-ON!! - Akiyama Mio Nendroid Calender

K-ON!! - Akiyama Mio, No THANK YOU!

K-ON!! - Akiyama Mio, No THANK YOU! 2

K-ON!! Animated

K-ON!! Gekichuka Shu

K-ON!! – Hirasawa Yui

K-ON!! - Hirasawa Yui 2

K-ON!! - Hirasawa Yui C79

K-ON!! – Houkago Tea Time Area

K-ON!! – Houkago Tea Time Pure Pure Heart

K-ON!! -  Tainaka Ritsu

K-ON!! - Tainaka Ritsu C79

K-ON!! – Tainaka Ritsu Listen!!

K-ON!! - Tainaka Ritsu NO, THANK YOU!! 2

K-ON!! - Kotobuki Tsumugi C79 Calendar

K-ON!! - Kotobuki Tsumugi

Kooh (Pangya) Skin

Kudou Jun

Kuroi Mato X Takanashi Yomi Notes + Winamp Player 

Kurosaki Ichigo X Kuchiki Rukia

Kyoko Sakura Note + Player




Lavi Bookman X Allen Walker Calender

Leon Magnus Clock

Lightning Farron


Mahou Shoujo Madoka

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Akemi Homura Calendar

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Akemi Homura X Kaname Madoka

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Kyoko Sakura Note + Player

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Miki Sayaka

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Miki Sayaka X Kyoko Sakura

Maka Albarn

Masaomi Kida 2

Masaomi Kida X Orihara Izaya Clock

Megurine Luka  - Just Be Friends Calender

Megurine Luka – Just Be Friends

Meido Izaya

Merry Nightmare

Merry Nightmare 2

Mirai Suenaga

Misaka Mikoto

Misaka Mikoto Calender

Misaka Mikoto x Shirai Kuroko

Misaka Mikoto X Shirai Kuroko 2

Misaka Mikoto’s Sister

Misaki Ayuzawa Rainmeter – Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Miss Maid Sniper Picture Frame




Nagato Yuki

Nagato Yuki Calendar 2

Nakano Azusa C79

Nakano Azusa

Nanka Buttobase – Scandal

Noctis and Lightning


Ore no Imouto - Kousaka Kirino 2

Ore no Imouto - Kousaka Kirino Nendroid Clock

Ore no Imouto - Kousaka Siblings

Ore no Imouto - Kousaka Kyousuke

Ore no Imouto – Kuroneko (Ruri Goko)

Ore no Imouto -  Kuroneko

Ore no Imouto – Kuroneko Picture Frame

Ore no Imouto - Kuroneko (Ruri Gokō) 2

Ore no Imouto - Tamura Manami


Oshino Shinobu

Otonashi and Hinata

Otonashi Yuzuru


Pokemon - Whooper and Charmander Clock + Calendar



Rei Miyamoto and Saya Takagi

Ritsu No Thank You

Rororina Fryxell & Totooria Helmond

Run (A Channel)

Rumia & Mystia Lorelei

Ryougi Shiki Note + Clock



Saber Lily

Sailor Moon Calender

Saeko Busujima

Senjougahara Hitagi

Sengoku Nadeko

Shiina – Angel Beats

Shiomiya Shiori

Shiki Misaki Skin 

Shizaya 2

Sonohara Anri

Soul Eater - Black Star


Stocking Anarchy


Tachibana Kanade

Tachibana Miya

Takashi Komuro  - HOTD

To Aru Majutsu no Index - Aisaga Taiga

To Aru Majutsu no Index - Index

To Aru Majustsu no Index - Index 2

To Aru Majutsu no Index - Index X Misaka Mikoto Calendar

To Aru Majustu no Index - Kamijou Touma X Misaka Mikoto

Touhou – Alice Margatroid

Touhou - Flandre Scarlet

Touhou – Fujiwara no Mokuo

Touhou - Izayoi Sakuya Clock and Player

Touhou – Kazami Yuuka

Touhou – Kirisame Marisa

Touhou - Konpaku Youmu

Touhou - Remilia Scarlet

Touhou - Remilia Scarlet Calendar

Touhou - Tenshi

Touhou - Tenshi 2

Touhou - Yakumo Chen

Touhou – Yakumo Ran

Touwa Erio - Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

TsugaruShizuoxPsycheIzaya Calender

Tsukasa Ajatsuji – Amagami SS Clock

TWOGK - Hacua Du Lot Herminium Calendar


Uchiha Sasuke

Umineko no Naku koro ni - Ushiromiya Maria



Victorique de Briox

Victorique De Briox 2

Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku

Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku Nendoroid

Vocaloid - Just Be Friends Male Character Photo Frame

Vocaloid – Kagamine Rin And Len Area

Vocaloid – Kagamine Len

Vocaloid - Kagamine Len + iTunes plugin

Vocaloid - Kagamine Notes

Vocaloid – Kagamine Twins Neko Rin and Len

Vocaloid – Kagamine Twins Calender

Vocaloid – Kagamine Twins Music Player


White Rock Shooter

White Rock Strength

White Warrior Note



Yumekui Merry Cast

Yoko Littner


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    • No, not really. I’m not sure if you remember, but I’ve dropped comments on your Rainmeter page a few times “asking for permission”. :)
      And thanks a lot, again. XD

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  67. @ierewZ
    I’ll take your request if you don’t mind ;x
    Do you have any preference over which rainmeter design you prefer? There are many different rainmeter designs in this blog…orz

  68. and LOL. my school’s wifi blocked danbooru. XD

    you could go for the one you find easiest liwen. XD

    i still have to work on Setsu and kerberos’ requests. and i have a flight tomorrow. so little time. Orz

  69. Yeah I stalked saw your fb post stating that you’re flying so I figured you still got your hands full…orz

    Safe travels by the way~♥

  70. Finally, after spending some time on this page, I have succeeded in downloading all of the rainmeter skins.

    Thanks a lot for the great skins and keep up the good work.

    Btw, wish you a safe travel.

  71. @skseraphim
    Owh~ thanks ;x
    A request! *Places it on request list.* We’ll see to it. So stay tuned and have a nice day~♥

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  79. Hello^^

    I’m lucky that I found your website, because I found here a lots of interesting and amazing rainmeter skins *w* I’m really happy that you make rainmeters, clocks and picture frames with male characters too >w<

    If you have time, I would like to request a rainmeter-clock-picture frame-winamp skin pack. I know it's a lot, but I'll wait for it as long as it takes^^

    The character I want: Kanda from D.Gray-man.




    But if you have time and you find better pictures I'll be happy with those too ^^
    I really like your ideas, especially that black star rainmeter idea :3

    Sorry for the long post, and for my english^^"

    Thank you <3

    • i wont promise anything. .but i’ll try.

      it’s kinda hard to find official-looking photos of D.Grayman. Actually, I looked for some yesterday, and I barely found good ones.

      btw, your english is perfectly fine, you worry too much. XD

      • Aww thank you for trying it^^w<

        If you can't make it, then I have just one wish: Keep making skins with male characters ^^

      • Damn, I deleted some sentences..>:3
        I have to donwload a lot of them >w<

        If you can't make it, then I have just one wish: Keep making skins with male characters ^^


      • dont worry dude, that’s the plan~ :3

        may i ask one thing, how’d you manage to bump in to our site? XD

        was it because for the Randomness Thing? or did you just google us?

      • I was searching for Shizuo rainmeter skin, and then I found this site, and when I took a whole look, I was impressed *u*

  80. Tooouuu-saaaannnn! Where is that request I asked you to do a looonng time ago? ;w;

    And yes, I’m not dead yet. xD I saw lots of Japanese high school girls. Too bad I can’t take their pictures for fear of being called a stalker. xP

    • you mean that Nurarihyon no Mago dude? I actually made that Kagamine Twins RM for you. tho i didn’t mention that, sorry. XD
      I’ll make it up to ya *coughjapaneseschoolgirlphotocomefirstcoughkiddingcough*. xD

      • Ohhh really? :O Then it’s okay. xD

        I have a picture of a Japanese school girl back view though. No clear shot ;w;

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  224. Help. :( I Installed one of your themes that support a player, but I do not know how to work it. The skin is just there on my desktop, but when I try pressing the button(play,pause,etc) Nothing happens. Where do I get my music? How do I make it work? I just started using RainMeter today because of your awesome themes… :> please help me. :(

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  229. Just wondering, is there any way to resize the skins that appear on the desktop?
    It would be useful if I could resize them to make them fit better

    Sweet job on all of these though, keep up the good work :D

    • that’s the thing. .you cant. .unless you can change your screen’s resolution, make it smaller so the skins would look bigger.

      and thank you. o/

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  242. Hi It’s Joji again. This time, I would like you guys to make a BEN-TO Skin. Here are the templates/renders I would like you guys to use: http://www.mediafire.com/?8qjfoa8tz5zb1w2

    As for the BEN-TO logo, it would be nice if you guys created a vector of it. If it’s too troublesome, then use the one I provided.

    I would like you guys to use the template used for the YuixUi one you made for me. The 2 main colours should be:
    R: 250 — G: 191 — B: 0
    R: 230 — G: 0 — B: 18
    These are the 2 primary BEN-TO colours. Setting that aside, I’m in a fansubbing group now. Please click my name and DL our subbed BEN-TO anime please! I helped translate the anime. ^^

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  253. hi… just wanna make a request.
    could you make Alice : Madness Return rainmeter?
    anyway I really like your rainmeter.

  254. I wonder if I could get a Skip Beat! Rainmeter Skin…. I would kinda be happy with anything really like a Calendar or an animated thing or even a winamp skin……>.>

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  263. Your designs are very interesting. I just found this site while playing around on Randomness Thing and decided to take a look. I have never heard of rocketdock before I might play around with it for a while ^_^

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  280. question.
    why everytime i restart my computer
    all the stuff i download from your web dissapear and i need to put it on again
    while other skin dont

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  288. You guys need to make more Toradora rainmeter skins. Not enough man, not enough! The Taiga one was ok, but I want one with a newer skin template and a Taiga that looks more like Taiga from the anime.

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  321. ahhh, your rainmeter skin is ahmaziiing ; w ;
    but why there’s no d’grayman skin here ?
    can you please make one ? *puppyeyes*

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  366. It’s great that you’ve taken the time and energy to assist those out there
    who are seeking out resources pertaining to this area.
    You have put in an tremendous level of commitment into these solutions, and it has
    enabled people in our field to collect great benefits.
    Your worthwhile help and advice will mean a lot to me and
    much more to my peers.

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