Rainmeter: One Piece “Black-Leg” Sanji Skin

First of all… Hi i’m Jutten (not my real name of course xD) I’m new about this blogging thing Xp and well… this is my first post and i wanted to start with the right foot xD so I began working on a new skin

This skin is Sanji, one of my favorite straw hat xD so I decided to start with him, plus I did not find any One Piece meter =O, enjoy the Skin… ohh right thanks to Xcyz for the opportunity =D and any thing that I can help please let me know ^^

Well without anything more to say …

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu! ^^

To install skin, refer here.

Download here 4Shared.

MediaFire here.

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10 responses to “Rainmeter: One Piece “Black-Leg” Sanji Skin

  1. Thanks thanks. Now adding it to my some 130+ images of K-On! xD Hehehe… Please continue to kick-ass with your rainmeter skills. ^^

  2. Okay, nice job on the skin. I can see the effort of trying to creative and original and that’s a really huge thing for me. ^^

    And good job on the first post, but next time, dont forget to do the following:
    ☻ Add the “read the rest of this entry/insert more tag” before “To install skin, refer here.”
    ☻ make your own category (“Jutten”). Since the WP theme we’re using doesn’t really show the author of each post, i had to improvise of making each author a category so that readers can easily identify each post’s author.

    but i’ve already got those covered for ya. and again, great job. .

  3. Ahoy ye scurvy landlubber! o7

    We hope you enjoy your stay here. Let’s work together and spread peace, tranquility, and occasional fabulous gheiness in this tiny space in the world wide web. Don’t forget to follow the general format of posting skins, and don’t hesitate to ask if you’ve got questions and/or concerns. We don’t bite (although there is the occasional virtual pummeling in twitter). :)

    Stay awesome!

  4. I support that fabulous gheiness! *coughs*

    Like what reki-nee said we won’t bite (but I can’t guarantee that I won’t eat you in one big gulp when I’m hungry). Hope you’ll have fun here with us, and lemme warn you, we can get crazy at times but don’t worry we’re sane most of the time (I think).

    Feel free to take up any requests you feel like doing~

    Oh! Do be a dear and update the Rainmeter page with your latest works. As you can see I’m trying to do a list alphabetically (but I don’t have time to finish working on it yet). I’ll get it done eventually after I finish with my attachment with a law firm. Life’s just too hectic right now!

    And yes, that update thingi applies for EVEEEERYONE in the blog! I’ll feed you all a virtual cookie if you remember to do it for meeeee~

    Now, lets put you through the initiation ceremony! >8D

  5. Hey there Jutten~

    Welcome to the project. I would like to apologise first for being so late on the welcoming. All in all, I wish you to having fun posting, skinning & hanging around here. We are looking forward to seeing new skins from you =)


  6. thankyou~~~~~~ sanji is one of my all-time favourite anime characters and i was worried i wouldn’t be able to find anything custom-desktop-wise, so this is really, really nice. thanks so much! ^^

    (now, i just need to find ones for Vincent Valentine and Deidara… >>; )

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